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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Vedic Siddhi

Vedic Siddhi is our efforts to apply Vedic wisdom and principles in day-to-day life and perform all Rituals - rites based on Vedic Principles only.

We perform Vedic Rituals - rites (कर्म कांड) such as:

1. Vedic Astrological Services - वैदिक ज्योतिष समाधान

2. Vedic Vastu - House Warming Ceremony - गृह प्रवेश पूजा

3. Vedic Yajna - Fire Sacrifice - यज्ञं - होम  - हवन

4. Shanti Puja - नक्षत्र शांति - नवग्रह शांति

5. Vedic Abhishekam Puja - रुद्रा अभिषेकम  - गणेश अभिषेकम - विष्णु अभिषेकम

6. Katha - Puja - सत्य नारायण पूजा - गणेश पूजा - विष्णु पूजा - दुर्गा पूजा - रूद्र पूजा श्रीमद भगवद पूजा - सप्त चिरंजीवी पूजा - अनिष्ठ योग निवारण पूजा

7. Vedic Jap - वैदिक जाप - महा मृत्युंजय जाप - गायत्री जाप - नवग्रह जाप

8. Vedic Paath - सुन्दर कांड पाठ - श्रीमद भगवद गीता पाठ - गायत्री चालीसा - शतक पाठ - रामायण - भागवत पाठ - चंडी - दुर्गा सप्त शती पाठ - श्री विष्णु सहस्त्र पाठ - श्री सूक्तं स्तोत्र

9. Life Blessings Rituals - Educational (विद्या - ज्ञान) Blessings (आशीर्वाद), Birthday - Anniversary Blessings, Divine Health - Wealth Blessings - स्वास्थ्य - आयुष्यमान - धनवान आशीर्वचन

10. Family - Personal Rituals - Celebrations - Marriage - Renewal of Vows - वैदिक विवाह - वैदिक सोड्शः संस्कारः - New Business - Project - Venture Startup

11. Very Big and Large Scale Spiritual events - मूर्ति - मंदिर प्राण प्रतिष्ठा - विष्णु यज्ञं - लघु रूद्र - महा रूद्र - अति रूद्र - शत चंडी - लक्ष्मी हवन

At Vedic Siddhi - found and conceptualised by Ved Acharya Bhavesh and Nilesh (Disciples of Shrimannath Prabhu - Dakshinamurtiswarup Nath Bhagwan), we strongly follow guidelines given to us by our renowned - scholar Guru Shri Nitin Mehta at Anand Ashram Bilkha - holy, sacred, spiritual place which helps Devotees(साधक) to attain Super Concious state - Moksha(मोक्ष) while performing all the house hold duties prescribed in Vedas such as Dharm, Arth and Kam (धर्म - अर्थ एवं काम).

We explain you Vedic Philosophy behind each and everything steps we perform, while performing any of the above Vedic Rituals - Karm Kand so that you really get to know how and why are we performing these rituals? It also helps you to devote your time and money to some meaningful rites - rituals.

If you or your family/relatives/friends want to perform any of the above rites - rituals - puja, than please be in touch with us through this blog by putting your Comments.

Alternatively, contact us on:

To avoid last minute rush and disappointment, kindly take prior appointment by calling on these numbers:

1. VedAcharya Shri Bhavesh Maharaj - 09604010123

2. Nath Bal Nilesh - 09923039393

© 2012 Team Vedic Siddhi - All rights reserved

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